Which Restylane is Best for Lips?

Discover which Restylane filler is best for lips! Learn about Restylane Silk's ability to create silkier, softer & natural-looking lips & smooth out hard-to-treat wrinkles around mouth.

Which Restylane is Best for Lips?

As we age, our lips show telltale signs of aging, such as wrinkles and thinning. Fortunately, there are several effective fillers that can be used to enhance lips and smooth wrinkles around the mouth.


Silk is the only FDA-approved product specifically designed for this purpose. It is designed to create silkier, softer, natural-looking lips and to smooth out hard-to-treat wrinkles around the mouth, often referred to as smoker's lines.

The results of Restylane Silk are evident immediately after the filler injection and usually last on the lips for 9 to 12 months or more. Most patients begin to see that the volume of the hyaluronic acid filler gradually dissipates at 9 months, so many opt for a biannual “touch-up” treatment to maintain the desired results. For most patients, optimal results are visible after about 14 days. Side effects are usually minimal and mild, but may include some redness or swelling at or near the injection site.

Most patients see any initial swelling or redness disappear during the first few days after treatment, and in rare cases, additional swelling lasts longer than 14 days. In some cases, patients may see bruises, which poses a risk for any injectable treatment. Green recommends avoiding blood thinners, aspirin or ibuprofen before treatment, as they may increase the risk of bruising after treatment.The amount of Restylane for lips varies widely depending on the current state of the lips, as well as the aesthetic needs and goals of each patient. However, for most patients, 1-2 vials of Restylane will be enough for lip augmentation, as well as to reduce the appearance of aging on the lips.Restylane Kysse is a lip filler that adds volume, smoothes upper lip lines for up to a year and improves lip color.

It has become one of the most popular lip injectables on the market due to its natural-looking lip enhancement and increased longevity compared to other lip fillers.Juvederm and Restylane are two of the most popular dermal fillers in the world due to their gentle application. The formulation of Restylane Silk is based on a unique and small particle size, which is able to create a precise shape of the lips, as well as soften the lines that surround the mouth.Restylane Defyne and Restylane Refyne focus on smile and laugh lines thanks to XpresHan technology which allows greater flexibility to correct and smooth facial lines and wrinkles.A smaller amount of Restylane Kysse (1.82 ml) was needed to show an improvement in lip fullness compared to the competition (2.24 ml).Restylane injections are a great way to improve the appearance of the lips without the need for invasive procedures or recovery time. It can add volume and improve the size, shape and symmetry of the lips. Due to its targeted treatment of perioral lines, Restylane Silk is a popular choice for creating a natural-looking lip rejuvenation with a subtle increase in lip size and fullness.Restylane Kysse is the newest lip filler in the Restylane product line, and is specifically formulated to treat and correct upper lip lines.Restylane Lyft is an AH filler used to correct moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds such as nasolabial folds, and to increase volume on cheeks and hands.